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A powerful price discovery service for the London and Zurich interbank precious metals markets.
Our company

We are a small service company founded in 2013 in Jersey by Cedric Bernadac, an ex-trader with 15 years of experience in financial markets, with the purpose of enhancing efficiency between banks within the London precious metals markets.

Our solution

We do not provide execution or settlement services. Instead, our service aggregates and streams indicative prices, enabling our customers to match their market interests quickly and transparently. 

Our customers

We only target the London and Zurich OTC interbank markets for precious metals swaps, EFPs and physical participants. Our customers are well-established, high profile financial institutions which are members of the LBMA. We are ourselves a full member of the LBMA since 2015. We currently service the following members:



LBMA market makers:  


  • BNP Paribas

  • Citibank NA

  • Credit Suisse AG Zurich

  • HSBC

  • ICBC Standard Bank Plc

  • JP Morgan Chase Bank

  • Merrill Lynch International

  • Morgan Stanley & Co International Ltd

  • Standard Chartered

  • Toronto-Dominion Bank

  • UBS AG




LBMA ordinary members:


  • Anglo American

  • Australia & New Zealand Banking Group

  • Bank Julius Baer Ltd

  • Banque Pictet & Cie SA

  • Bank of Montreal

  • BASF Metal Limited

  • CIBC

  • Commerzbank AG

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  • Credit Agricole CIB London

  • Deutsche Bank AG

  • ING Bank N.V.

  • Johnson Matthey PLC

  • Koch Metals Trading Limited

  • Macquarie Bank Limited

  • Mitsubishi Corporation 

  • Natixis

  • National Australia Bank Limited

  • Raiffeisen Switzerland

  • Royal Bank of Canada

  • Stonex Financial Limited

  • Sumitomo Corporation Global Commodities

  • UniCredit Bank AG

  • Wells Fargo

  • Zürcher Kantonalbank


Interested in our service?
Our onboarding process is very simple, please get in touch.
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